Your Winter Escape to Armenia

Your Winter Escape to Armenia

8 days|


Travel to the Routes of Civilization to get in touch with great heritage and the array of culture that Armenia offers as a travel destination, experience genuine interaction with people and create amazing memories, encounter with authentic, diverse and delicious cuisine and spoil your taste buds with legendary Armenian cognac and wine.
During this tour you will pass through millennia long history, culture and culinary traditions up to nowadays modern Armenia and its “Pink City” capital Yerevan: including wine making traditions, history before and after the Christ on the Holy Land, where Christianity was officially adopted as a first state religion in the world and where Noah arrived once upon a time and finally, discover Jermuk, a leading Armenian SPA City with its unique mineral waters, where you can detox and connect your body, mind and soul.

Start  Yerevan, Armenia                                              Physical rating  (1 out of 5)

Finish  Yerevan, Armenia                                            Group size  Min 4

Tour Theme  Cultural Historical Adventure                Ages  Min 18 or Family

Days  8 Days/7Nights                                                 Trip Availability  November - February


Welcome to Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. Our tour leader will greet you at the airport and help you with all the ground handling services. 
After a welcome briefing meeting with the tour leader, you will check in to your hotel. You must be hungry from all that travels – dinner will be organized in one of the cozy restaurants in Yerevan for your first encounter with Armenian cuisine. Have a rest and get ready for tomorrow's adventure.


  • Overnight in Yerevan at 3* or 4* հotel on BB/DBL basis. Single room supplement can be provided at additional cost. Request in advance. 

Meals Included 

  • Dinner 

Important Notes

It’s important that you attend the welcome meeting, as we will be distributing details and next of kin information such as brochures with useful info about Yerevan and Armenia, maps, places to eat and things and activities to do around.

08:00 – Breakfast in the hotel
09:00 – Starting the tour

The day starts with departure to the villages of Goght and Garni. Our first stop is at Geghard Monastery - an incredible medieval monastery, being partially carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with enhanced protection status. Here you may have a chance to enjoy the performance of a fantastic choir in one of the chambers of the monastery with one of the greatest acoustics you ever saw. The choir will leave you with goose bumps and unforgettable emotions.
Barely recovered from the musical and cultural strong impressions, we take you to Symphony of Stones (half of the road to the Symphony of  Stones is hiking) where you can listen to the silent music of stones, that the virtuoso nature has created himself.
Garni gorge is one of the most exceptional places for tourists to visit and to see amazing natural rocks known as the “Symphony of Stones” or “Basalt organ”. The rocks have a shape of long hexagonal vertical columns, which are associated with the church organ. Huge stone pillars are located at an altitude of about 50 meters above the ground. It’s hard to believe that neatly and symmetrically sculpted stones are created by nature itself and not by human.
We continue towards Garni Temple - the only standing Greco-Roman colonnaded Pagan temple in Armenia and the former Soviet Union. An Ionic pagan temple located in the village of Garni is the best-known structure and symbol of Pre-Christian Armenia. The structure was built in the 1st century AD as a temple to the God of Sun Mihr.
Lunch will be in a cozy Armenian restaurant with a panoramic view to Temple Garni.
We return back to Yerevan where we have a guided tour to NOY Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory - one of the best corners of Yerevan city to enjoy your time.
The administrative building of the factory built in Shustov’s times, has turned into a museum where the information about Armenian brandy making and about the people who had a contribution to the development of the factory is kept.
Here you may take a tour and get acquainted with the glorious past and present of Armenian brandy and wine making and spoil your taste buds by tasting Portwein 1944 year reserve, Cognac 5 and 10 years reserve.
Welcome Dinner will be organized at Megerian Carpet cultural center, including a visit to Armenian handmade rugs factory and museum where you will see traditional carpet making process, participate in an interactive Armenian food preparation master class with one of the most demanded and famous chefs of todays Armenia - Mr. Sedrak Mamoulian, taste the diversity of Armenian cuisine (including homemade Armenian fruit vodka and wine) and enjoy Armenian music.


Overnight in Yerevan at 3* or 4* հotel on BB/DBL basis. Single room supplement can be provided at additional cost. Request in advance.

Included Activities

  • Geghard Monastery
  • Symphony of Stones
  • Garni Pagan Temple
  • NOY Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory
  • Megerian Carpet

Meals Included 

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Lunch in Garni
  • Complimentary Welcome Dinner

09:00 - Breakfast in the hotel
10:00 – Starting the tour

Today’s program starts with a visit to Matenadaran – research institute, a museum and repository of Ancient Manuscripts. Matenadaran contains a total of some 23,000 Armenian and foreign manuscripts and scrolls, including fragments.
Next stop is the spiritual and religious center of Armenia Ejmiatsin - the 5th-largest city in Armenia. The city is best known as the location of Ejmiatsin Holy Mother Cathedral, the center of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It is unofficially known in Western sources as a “Holy City” and in Armenia as the country's "Spiritual Capital". Along with several important early medieval churches located nearby (St. Gayane, St. Hripsime), Ejmiatsin Cathedral was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. The Holy Lance that pierced Jesus’s side (also known as the Spear of Destiny and Lance of Longinus) is kept in Ejmiatsin.
Lunch will be in Agape - This building is a restored monks’ refectory from 1655. It is now an elegant restaurant with classic and modern Armenian food where you will feel yourself back in 17th century.
Another amazing monument worth visiting is Zvartnots Cathedral (literally “celestial angels cathedral”) is a 7th-century centrally planned aisled tetra conch type Armenian cathedral. Now in ruins, it is located at the edge of the city of Ejmiatsin, on the background of mesmerizing view to Byblical Mount Ararat. Zvartnots was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2000.
We had back to the modern and busy Yerevan full of spiritual emotions, where we will have a nice stroll and guided walking tour in the heart of the city.
Time to explore the Armenian capital Yerevan – a 2800 year old and modern city, located in the shadow of the biblical Mount Ararat. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. You will explore The Republic Square with its dancing and singing fountains, Cascade, Opera House, North Avenue, parks devoted to 2700th and 2800th anniversaries of the city. From the impressive Cascade you have a panoramic view of the whole capital. 


Overnight in Yerevan at 3* or 4* hotel on BB/DBL basis. Single room supplement can be provided at additional cost. Request in advance

Included Activities

  • Matenadaran repository and museum of manuscripts
  • Holy City Ejmiatsin
  • Agape refectory
  • Zvartnots Cathedral
  • Yerevan city tour

Meals Included 

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Lunch in Ejmiatsin
  • Dinner in Yerevan

08:00 - Breakfast in the hotel
09:00 – Starting the tour

The morning starts by heading to the Southern part of Armenia. From Yerevan we move towards Khor Virap Monastery (in Armenian stands for “deep dungeon”). Khor Virap's notability as a monastery and pilgrimage site is attributed to the fact that Gregory the Illuminator was initially imprisoned here for about 14 years by King Tridates III of Armenia. Saint Gregory subsequently became the king's religious mentor, and they led the proselytizing activity in the country. In the year 301 Armenia was the first country in the world to be declared a Christian nation.
The walled religious complex also stands before the snowcapped flanks of Mount Ararat, offering a spectacular view of the mountain and cutting a striking silhouette in and of itself.
Our next highlight is wine tasting in Areni - The Areni 1 cave complex is a multicomponent site, and late Chalcolithic / Early Bronze Age ritual settlement, located near the Areni village. In 2010, archeologist discovered the earliest known shoe (5500 years old) at the site. In January 2011 the earliest known winery (about 6100 years old) in the world was uncovered in the cave. Later, in 2011 the discovery of a straw skirt dating to 3,900 years BC was reported. In 2009, the oldest humanoid brain was discovered in the cave.
Lunch will be at Old Bridge Winery accompanied by delicious Armenian wine tasting.
To finalize this beautiful day, we visit Tatev Monastery - a 9th century historical monument. It is one of the oldest and most famous monastery complexes in Armenia. During medieval times Tatev Monastery was a vital scholastic, enlightenment and spiritual center and played a singular role in thecountry’s history. You will reach to the Tatev Monastery by the shortest, most picturesque and impressive route, by “Wings of Tatev” - the longest reversible cableway in the world (5752 m), recorded in the Guinness Book of Records: twelve minutes of unforgettable flight above the gorge of the fierce Vorotan River, through a celestial highway at the altitude of 320m.


  • Overnight in Goris on BB/DBL basis. Single room supplement can be provided at additional cost. Request in advance 

Included Activities

  • Khor Virap Monastery
  • Areni Cave 1
  • Old Bridge winery
  • Tatev Monastery
  • “Wings of Tatev” longest reversible cableway

Meals Included 

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Lunch in Old Bridge Winery
  • Dinner at the hotel

09:00 - Breakfast in the hotel
12:00 - Check out from the hotel and move towards Jermuk

Exploring Armenia’s marvelous hidden corners continues towards Jermuk - a spa town in the southern Armenian province of Vayots Dzor. It was a popular destination during the Soviet era and nowadays is still famous for its hot springs and its brand of mineral water that is bottled in the vicinity.
Jermuk annually hosts not only a huge number of tourists but also a myriad of people from all over the world who go there for health and treatment purposes. Jermuk has unique climate, and it is explained by the ‎2500-3000-meter-high mountain chains that surround the city as well as the gorge of Arpa River. The city is splendid especially in the winter, when everything is covered with sparkling snow.
On our way we will pass by Jermuk Waterfall that falls from a height of 70 meters into the gorge of Arpa River and is a true miracle of Armenian Highlands. It reminds of hair flowing freely and therefore locals call it “Mermaid’s hair.”
We will check in at Jermuk Hotel and SPA  - a heaven designed to let you focus on feeling whole and connecting your mind, body and spirit. Jermuk Hotel and SPA offers superior spa services in the medical part of the hotel. Jermuk mineral water’s unique anti-inflammatory, vasodilating features allow to effectively implement  prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of various diseases.
Lunch will be in Jermuk after which you can enjoy the magical healing effect of Jermuk mineral waters with different procedures, rewind and relax in the heart of the nature. Overnight in Jermuk.

***Mineral medical treatments prescribed by the health specialist are included in the price. Other procedures are optional at extra cost.

***Note if the ski lifts are open, you can enjoy also skiing and snowboarding in Jermuk.
For skiing and snowboarding lovers, there are 3 km length slopes available situated between the elevations of 2,100 and 2,438m.


  • Overnight in Jermuk on BB/DBL basis. Single supplement is available at extra cost. Request in advance 

Included Activities

  • Jermuk city
  • Jermuk waterfall
  • Jermuk mineral waters and health procedures

Meals Included 

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • Dinner at the hotel

09:00 - Breakfast in the hotel
10:00 –Check out from the hotel and move towards Yerevan

***You are required to do the mandatory PCR test before your departure from Armenia. Test will be organized at Yerevan hotel early in the morning before you can continue your day in Yerevan. We will bring the Lab specialist to the hotel for the PCR test, just to take special care of you and save you the hustle of travels and give you more time to enjoy the last day in Armenia.
The rest of the day is free until dinner. Explore it on your own, get some souvenirs to remind you of your amazing adventure in Armenia, enjoy the night city in local pubs with live music, try the delicious food in restaurants and pin these moments in your memory.
The Farewell dinner will be in Tavern "Yerevan Pandok" for another delicious encounter with Armenian cuisine accompanied by traditional Armenian music, dance and culture. 


You have an entire free day in Yerevan! Use the opportunity to spice up your adventure in Armenia with optional activities at extra cost. You can manage the level of your own daring experiences and the spectrum of emotions during this tour. Please let us know in your application form which Optional Activities you prefer. The detailed description and prices of Optional Activities will be provided in a separate brochure. 


  • Overnight in Yerevan at 3* or 4* hotel on BB/DBL basis. Single room supplement can be provided at additional cost. Request in advance

Included Activities

  • Farewell dinner with Armenian folk dance and music

Meals Included

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Farewell dinner at Tavern "Yerevan Pandok"

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure.

Let us know and our flexible system and professional team will help you put together an itinerary that suits you the best and will customize your travel experience.


Accommodation on BB/DBL room basis
Meals on FB basis
Transportation and all transfers
Tour Guide
Water during the trips
Welcome package, maps and other important information
All the included activities as per the itinerary
Wine, vodka and cognac tasting according to itinerary
Travel Insurance with Covid-19
Visa assistance

Not Included

Air tickets (will be provided upon final confirmation of travel dates)

Tour Essentials

Tour Essentials provide additional information about the tours, some general guidelines, safety and travel guidelines. Tour Essentials may vary for each tour. The detailed package will be provided at the time of booking.
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