Company Profile

“Bucket List Travel Armenia” is an established company specialized in tourism and travel, aiming to deliver the best travel experience. Our connections and cooperation with leading Armenian and international partners reflects the credibility of our company within the tourism sector in Armenia.
We offer a great variety of adventure tours for individuals, groups as well as tailor made tours to fit our customers’ needs the best and customize their travel experience. Our off-the-beaten-track tours that include:
-cannoning, caving, paragliding, rafting, off-roading, hiking and trekking, mounting biking and cycling, 
-sports and leisure tours,
-historical-cultural and regional tours, 
-cultural, gastronomy, eco tours and other themes
-tailor made programs, special interest groups and luxury tours will help you discover Armenia from another angle.
Our uniqueness and specialty is in offering innovative products and mixed tours that have an amazing assortment of different themes like eco, agro, cultural, sports and leisure spiced up with adventure and experiential travel and  served on one plate.  They will definitely give you a wider spectrum of emotions and experience.
We are constantly and closely following traveler’s changing needs, to give you the most uptodate and demanded travel experience. Since monotonous, limited and standard packaged tourism is losing its appeal, we truly focus on authentic, experiential and adventurous travel and offer products that give experiences amid standard and commonly accepted travel. 
Our services include transfers, ground handling services, car rentals, guide services, equipment rentals and more.
We, at Bucket List Travel Armenia explore and live the adventure, inspire and transmit that vibe to our customers and provide them with services and emotions beyond their expectations.
We highly value the quality of services, individual approach and flexibility, ongoing progress and innovative solutions, accumulation of unforgettable memories and travel experience.

Our Mission

Always in search of new places and hidden corners of Armenia, experimenting and offering innovative solutions to keep this destination always fresh, interesting and appealing. 
Help our travelers tick off their own travel bucket list through the unforgettable adventure in Armenia and have their contribution in sustainable economic development of the country, environmental sustainability and give back to local communities in Armenia through responsible and universally accessible tourism, add value by using cultural and social resources and contribute to their enhancement. 

Our Vision

Walking alongside world trends, we aim to focus on authentic, experiential and adventurous travel and create our own unique, innovative  and competitive products worldwide. 
We believe in breaking the stereotypes by taking people out of their comfort zone to try new and untried things, connecting bridges between cultures despite the diversity and differences, push past limiting beliefs and bring the greatest gift of rewarding experiences and long held memories.

Why Choose Us

Quality and Value

Our goal is to provide you not only with the best possible quality trips but with the best value for money. Superior standards with strong customer satisfaction and quality programs.

0% commission from customers

Our connections give us access to the best prices available, and we pass those savings along to you with no hidden fees or hassles.


Our professional Team is cut out for adventure. By exploring and living the adventure, we aim to transmit that vibe to you and make it a once in a lifetime experience.

Experience Seeking and Emotions

We truly focus on authentic, experiential and adventurous travel and offer products that give experiences, emotions and memories amid standard and commonly accepted travel.

Responsible and Universally Accessible Tourism

Aiming to promote responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism through the tourism ethical principles. Committed to protecting and preserving the environment, world heritage, giving back to local communities.

Bringing like minded people together

People are different, but we all have one thing in common – the desire for adventure. We aim to bring adventurous people together and we want you to be part of this.


We will help you to discover Armenia’s most adventurous places, landscapes, amazing nature and people.

Flexibility and tailor made tours

Our flexible system and professional team will help you put together your tailor-made itinerary that suits you the best and customize your travel experience.

Instant help and 24/7 customer support

You can reach out to our support team at any moment. Individual approach, follow-up and support to each customer.

Our Partners